Elevated LED-Floodlight TARMAC

Short Description


Floodlight for Heliports, -decks, Winching Areas and Public Interest Sites

Referred Standards

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  • ICAO Annex 14 Vol 2. Heliports, 5. Edition/ 2020
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The elevated LED-Floodlight TARMAC is dedicated to illuminate the surface of the take-off and landing area of heliports, -decks and public interest sites. In addition, it can be used for the illumination of winching areas and highlighting of elevated structures effecting the operations of helicopters.

Key Features

  • High efficiency due to a dedicated optics concept
  • Adjustable in height, altitude and azimuth
  • Deployable shutter against glare
  • Including 60mm pedestal with frangible coupling and 2” 11.0 BPS male threat (ISO-228-1)
  • Increased service lifetime due to advanced thermal design
  • Optimized sealing concept against the intrusion of liquids and dust - IP67 (IEC69598-1)
  • Enhanced protection against corrosion due to anodization and powder coating
  • Available as 24VDC or 230VAC version
  • Safety extra low voltage compliant (24VDC Version)
  • Enhanced surge current protection
  • Anticorrosive coating
  • Compliant to ICAO, EASA, British-, German- and Swiss standards
  • CE certified


Additional information

Weight 11.8 kg
Dimensions 43 × 43 × 43 cm






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