and Design

BATT Suisse guides in your Aerodrome, Heli or Vertiport Project from the Idea to Operations

1. Requirement Analysis and Stakeholder involvement

Every successfull heliport-project needs a comprehensive analysis of project requirements and effective stakeholder engagement.


  • In-depth knowledge of heliport regulations, guidelines, and industry best practices
  • Identification and analysis of project requirements, objectives, and constraints
  • Collaboration with stakeholders to incorporate their perspectives and requirements
  • Thorough research, data gathering, and valuable insights for informed decision-making
  • Effective engagement with stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle
  • Facilitation of workshops, meetings, and consultations to gather input and address concerns
  • Managing stakeholder expectations, resolving conflicts, and maintaining positive relationships
  • Inclusion of stakeholders’ needs and perspectives in decision-making processes

    2. Aeronautical Studies, Feasibility and
    Site assessment

    Even though the capabilities of operating helicopters and UAVs seem endless, clear guidelines are in place to keep aviation as safe as we know it. Thanks to a well-founded preliminary project, risks can be identified and addressed at an early stage. This creates planning stability and a cost overview.

    We are happy to support you with:

    • Site Analysis and Feasibility Studies
    • Obstacle Detection and Evaluation
    • Environmental Studies
    • Risk and Safety Assessments
    • Site supervision

    3. Tender Preparation and evaluation

    We prepare comprehensive tenders tailored to your project’s needs and evaluating submissions for optimal results. Experience a seamless process that ensures precision and informed decision-making.


    • Contractor lists, List of tender packages
    • Tendering and detailed plans, descriptions, service specifications
    • Preparation of the contractor lists and lists of tender packages
    • Cost comparison with cost estimate,proof of economic viability
    • Provisional schedule and timetable

      4. Execution PLanning

      Aviation is continuously undergoing technological and operational change. To meet the ever-increasing demands of HEMS and UAV operations, a compatible infrastructure must be in place.


      • Taxiways and Maneuvering routes
      • Specification of Operational Concepts
      • Design and Planning of Lighting and Control Systems
      • Building Integration and Interface Planning
      • Design and Integration of Navigation Aids

      5. Construction Supervision and Acceptance

      As experienced consultants in the field of heliport construction, we understand the critical role that proper supervision and acceptance play in ensuring the successful completion of your heliport project. Our team is dedicated to guiding you through the construction process, ensuring compliance with industry standards and delivering a safe and efficient heliport facility.


      • Regular site visits, inspections, and quality control assessments
      • Verification of compliance with design specifications and safety protocols
      • Ongoing support and guidance for effective communication and timely milestones
      • Comprehensive assessment of the heliport facility
      • Verification of compliance with regulations, standards, and project requirements
      • Ensuring safety, efficiency, and operational readiness before service commencement

        6. Auditing, Manuals and trainings

        We help you to achieve excellence in your heliport operations through comprehensive auditing, robust manual development, and tailored training programs.


        • Identification of areas for improvement and recommendations for enhanced safety and efficiency
        • Customized manuals tailored to your heliport operations
        • Comprehensive coverage of procedures, guidelines, and safety protocols
        • Facilitation of effective communication and regulatory compliance
        • Specialized training programs for heliport personnel
        • Topics include operations, emergency response, safety awareness, and regulatory compliance
        • Interactive and tailored sessions to meet specific organizational needs