BATT portfolio provides solutions for all AGL applications, from approach to apron.

Alien uni-directional elevated lights

The fixture from the Alien Series stands out not only because of its extraordinary design, but also because of its diverse applications. The uni-directional increased light is thanks to efficient construction not only easy to handle, but also quickly deployable by means of sophisticated adjustment system.



  • ELA-APH Approach – White
  • ELA-ASR Approach Side Row – Red
  • ELA-THR Threshold – Green
  • ELA-TWB Threshold -Wing Bar – Green
  • ELA-RWE Runway End – Red
  • ELA-STB Elevated Stop Bar – Red
  • ELA-RGL Runway Guard Lights (Type A) – Red
  • ELA-SFL Elevated Sequential Flashlight – White


With the development of the Bat Series, the portfolio was expanded to include 12-inch inset lights. The main features of the inset lighting are based on the low elevation of 6mm and the installation of the reflectors.


  • ILB-APH Approach – White
  • ILB-ASR Approach Side Row – Red
  • ILB-SFL Sequential Flash Light – White
  • ILB-REH Runway Edge – White/Red/Yellow
  • ILB-THR Threshold – Green
  • ILB-THR/RWE Threshold/Runway End – Green/Red



Firefly Omni-Directional
Elevated Light

The taxiway beacon of the series Firefly convinces with its simple structure. A sophisticated optical system which optimally uses the power of the LED.


  • ELC-TXE Taxiway Edge – Blue







Lotus omni- and bi-directional
elevated lights

The Bi & Omni-directional elevated fire from the Lotus Series offers numerous application possibilities. The universal design allows easy adjustments of any kind.


  • ELB-REH Runway Edge Light – White/Red/Yellow
  • ELB-THR/RWE Threshold/Runway End – Green/Red


Medusa 8″ omni-directional
Inset light

Omni-directional inset light portfolio, Medusa, provides a compact and ultra-flat solution to taxiway and appron edge applications.


  • ILC-TXE Taxiway Edge – Blue






Stingray 8″ inset

With the development of the Stingray Series, the portfolio was expanded to include an 8-inch inset lighting system. The main features of the inset lights are based on the low elevation of 3.5mm and the installation of the reflectors.



  • ILA-RCL  Runway Center – White/Red
  • ILA-TDZ  Touchdown Zone – White
  • ILA-RWE  Runway End – Red
  • ILA-RETIL  Rapid Exit Taxiway Indicator – Yellow
  • ILA-TCLS  Taxiway Center Line – Straight – Green/Yellow
  • ILA-TCLC  Taxiway Center Line – Curved – Green/Yellow
  • ILA-STB  Taxiway Stop Bar – Red
  • ILA-IHP  Intermediate Hold Position – Yellow